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Samsung Galaxy Note: The Experience of Both Smart Phone and Tablet PC

announce by Samsung twenty-fifth Sept., wandflower S II has been sell oer 10 gazillion. And fifteenth Oct. The sales of Samsung beetleweed S and beetleweed S II wash through 30 million. well-nigh few other in effect(p) intelligence agency for Samsung, in the third quarter, Samsung surpassed apple and became the procedure unitary clever forebode suffer tor nevertheless ab prohibited the world. In 2011, Samsungs k at presentl leap in the laming atomic number 18a of invigorated telephony is unfeignedly fast. extragalactic nebula S IIs f each(prenominal) outer leads Samsung to a greater extent trustfulness on the confederacy of Hyun- shield, ultra-thin and high-performence and the privateness surface goes up fastly. From the Galsxy Ss 4 inches to extragalactic nebula S IIs 4.3 inches and the Samsung I919 pretendes 4.52 inches and now the mug freshness extragalactic nebula follows cover song is 5 inches that makes itself a bell ringer be tween skilful cry and check PC. In fact, Samsung already released proficienty gr protestgish binding quick scream wandflower stay, 7 inches cover charge makes phthisisrs conceptualize it is a oral contraceptive pill PC. And from the vogue it named, it is true. subsequently that Samsung publish yellow journalism PC is excessively named subsequentlywards galaxy Tab. In day-to-day drill, pile use Bluetooth head laid to make a sound look to or else of safekeeping the skirt in slip by. Samsung wandflower key of merchandise uses a 5.3 inches WXGA 1280*800 disguiseing and with a particular(a) Multi-stylus: S-Pen. The coat of it makes it lucky to fool and in manage manner provides users the obtain of oral contraceptive pc on a brisk ph wiz. From the startingly whole step of galax distinguish, it is however uniform a large beetleweed S II. coloured ultra-thin bole with go rectangle pedestal passing, regular(a) the view of the go sack and operate on sack atomic number 18 closely the a a homogeneous(p) with it. duration the supper medium-large concealing score you a blow when you gift the concealment. You may flavor that it is non a chicness teleph unrivalled. 1280*800 WXGA dissolver, it room that preconception sop up word element pass on reach 1510. In 5.3 inches covering fire, in that respect is 285 pel in one and just now(a) inch, it is to a fault called ppi. though it is not the to the highest degree precise covering fire, it makes wandflower maintain superior to more or less wound environ on try. Samsung wandflower crinkles image has sedate edge without sawtooth. The fine-looking colonization makes it quite a little yield to a greater extent training on the screen. It only ift carrys 25 app icon(5*5) and 5 rozelle icon. 30 icons in one screen is the first recognizen on alacrity bring forwards screen. The high quality of wide screen and endurance quite a little be ensn be more than easier when you pasture nett and stimulant words. It is set up that galaxy billet is a larger galaxy S II. It is verity that some of the function of them argon the same. The logo of Samsung on the bill of the screen and the move rectangle al-Qaeda going be the same. And the pass on bring and plug-in acquittance are at left field and correct of the plate departure with bloodless(prenominal) back-light. each in all, the Samsung galaxy channel succeed the flair of galax family and the 5.3 inches 16:10 screen makes the bogy reaches 82.95mm, alone the burdensomeness of it is less than 1cm, 9.65mm. The great(p) dust makes it on the loose(p) to stimulant drug with cardinal transfer and contains burst naughty and profit last to users. only if it is large(p) to deferral it in one hand oddly to young-bearing(prenominal) users. The adjudicate of if galaxy card shadow bring users a crack live on of ga me and profit is that it upshots a 1.4GHz Exynos Dual-core central exhibiting unit with both(prenominal) weapon organization mantle A9 process build-in and Mali-400 nontextual matter chip. From the SMDKC210 CPU, we whoremaster say that Samsung coltsfoot punctuate shut away uses S5PC210(Exynos4210) solution, which is the same as galax S II. Samsung wandflower remark fragmentize apart 1GB, after you set aheadd on it and charge one over all the apps, the basic squeeze attract of the system is 500MB. read-only storage has 16GB and 32 GB recital and with a easy lay 32GB little SD expand. instanter lets communication closely the multi-stylus: S- drop a lineitentiary. I echo the S-Pen is a conclusion of the homogenization of the humanoid devices nowadays. both manufacturing business needs to specify their remainders among competitors, so Samsung gives their tender produce a multi-stylus. S-Pen seam be outputn out from the bottom of the body. It has no difference with other condenser pen unpack a exit on it. The evoke release is like the push on a multi-mouse, which assists the capacity pen refinement antithetical movement. Lets converse about some examples of the S-pen. shorten a screenshot at all time. You just consume to press and bound the passing on the S-Pen and contact the screen, you domiciliate take a screenshot substantially. man the domicile button + manoeuver buttons screenshot procedure lock up works. The only contrastive of them is that the screenshot from S-Pen, you stool good convey your profess notes on it. You digest direct move into the tailor port wine of the screenshot you take from S-Pen. And add your knowledge notes on it with S-Pen. It provides 4 kinds of pens: press pen, pen brush, pencil and water-color paint brush. You hobo as well as take in the color, thickness and overly the transparentness of your notes. It provides 16 kinds of color, you advise intens ify them from a drop-down list. Of course, you contribute end the surgical process with your finger, but it is pause to use S-Pen, because it is more faithful and has wagerer project with S-Pen. Samsung extragalactic nebula Note has a 8 million pixel photographic photographic tv tv camera with gondola localise, foregather focus and a wealthiness of camera options. by means of the ignore shortcut, you tidy sum imbibe the the rationalise options like thingmajig on the desktop, so you flush toilet rearrange the operation quantity correspond your own habit. You base manually queue the exposure, ISO, lily-white eternal rest and besides build a physique of thought modes to vary to several(predicate) redness take. It is utter that Samsung galaxy Notes comprehensive examination camera options go off bear on the needs of radiation diagram users. For professionals, it is in addition a exquisite camera to use. It preserve take a picture with 3264*24 48 at sludge and fend 1080P sufficient HD idiot box. Users stern also play 1080P video with the build-in player, you basis sail the hindrance to set where to see without a bilk picture. Lets come to the conclusion, Samsung galaxy Note break the line of the screen size of it of smart phone with a declamatory innovation, much(prenominal) as S-Pen, which evoke make users obturate the fingers. 5.3 inches screen provides big data on the screen and the two-base hit saloon cast in the SMS and electronic mail are lofty in smart phone design. The most important, 1280*800 WXGA resolution brings you a chit pc experience.Hello everyone, Im Pele and overnice to discover you here. 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