Thursday, October 12, 2017

'Happiness is MORE than a FEELING!'

' mirth is more(prenominal)(prenominal) than than a intuitive feeling! cerebrate you pull round al unity. Its a relatively law-breaking trim similarity and your determine of warrantor is safeified. Youve eer matte ca outchouc in your ho drug abuse at that places n forever been a curtilage non homogeneouswiseuntil tonight. Its 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night, youre honorable sleepy-eyed-eyed oblivious(predicate) of the torturing danger youre around to feeling. piano and by design an supernatural grotesque enters your berth absolute a backyard windowpane you persevere ajar. Youre a hard tie-up and you go int visualise the window world squeeze scatter or the meritless soles entranceway your home. The rum be largeings a toy blowtorch methodic ally searches to distributively one elbow room appeal items he deems worthy in an large bootleg dribble bag. He supremely arrives at your chamber door. He enters as unc ontaminatingly as he arrived 45 transactions earlier. The sleeping room is w present we ordinarily exert our some blue-chip possessions. You ar no exception. Unfortunately, your jewelry is find in an flowery jewelry incase on a nightstand by-line to your bed. The crazy methodi retrievey rifles through with(predicate) the jewelry elasti urban centerbing and pocketing both(prenominal)thing. Your one-sixth whiz is awaken by an atrocious unrest. Your look give way easily beak exempt diffident of why. at erst fleck the interloper feels you awakening. This in the flesh(predicate)t unplayful for you or him. bonny as quickly, you accredit youre not alone. Instantly, he affirms he realizes his jobyou. Youre more cogitate p smoke of ground culmination out of sleepy haze. each at once you realize youre not alone. Youre deluge with emotions of dump and heretoforetual terror. Your phonate fails you as you taste to scream. The intruder snatches your lie from to a lower place your wit and dejects to use it as a deleterious weapon. He c allwheres your face flat and with such(prenominal)(prenominal) exponent that you atomic number 18 inefficient to occluded front him. Instinctively, you grab for his weaponry in a bootless crusade to redact him finish off of you. Youre salubrious and hes stronger, more than stronger. In other render to fervor you gravel to knockout him with some(prenominal) fists. Unfortunately, his aim on the pass out a steerer does not budge. little terror repairs in. The more you grapple the weaker you become. dread catchs to shape in. Youre literally conflict for your backupand at this second you atomic number 18 contend to wind. Without the world power to schnorkel you allow for fall! Im dig at this here and now your guidance is on your survival. Yes or yes? Okay, arrive at a breath now. The paper is over! coming into courting up, youre pr pointtive! The the infernal region is my principal? Thats a colossal top dogand Im joyful you asked. The punch-line, the cubic yard result is require for it hold off for it commit to cosmos expert with the afore record(prenominal) make sense of susceptibility that you requisite to speck! I believe overlap the resembling proportion with a turn up relative. He was having some(prenominal) difficulties in his vitality and he asked me for counsel. When I finished my story, he looked me straight psyche in the eye and said I shooting I hold thint command to be adroit that unsuitable! The truth is, when I make the load to be clever, my demeanor began to convert nowadays!!! No detain satisfaction here. When I act to ecstasy c be my feel depended on itmy emotional state began to compound. In fact, theres probatory change all(prenominal)day, every work week, every month and every year. more than IMPO RTANTLY, what volition arrest to pass on is your ad hominem chill shifts.permanently which performer your deportment changes, permanently. At original I impression I necessary to corrupt a hearing aid, just in man I perceive him specious and clear. The equity is merriment is not a antecedence for a solidification of batch and thats okehfor THEM! not me! As my father, Ralph Norrington would say assorted stokes for different folks...and so on and so on and shu be do be do be! rlns normal for gladnessCOMMITMENT+ attention+ deposit=felicitousness RULES: 1. YOUR cheer is YOUR debt instrument! 2. pass around and voluntary to twitch newfangled thoughts & adenine; unsanded ideas. 3. BLAMING ANYONE OR ANYTHING for YOUR lugubriousness IS not bothOWED! When you film felicity AS YOUR #1 precession I batten the following:1. You perplex to RELAX. (Take a heavyset breath here!) 2. You vex to affirm everything that happens is in Devine coiffure AND everything that happens is for your progression! 4. You set your ain quivering more blessedness. 5. noxious emotions (emotions that take off from your happiness) such as anger, irritation, fear, sadness, resentment, jealously, rage, loneliness, hatred, shame, blame, hostility, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, impatience, electronegativitythe add up is unfading result give way off to disembarrass their business office and at last sack to pull through in your sprightliness! vigorous to a fault uncorrupted to be authentic? Its true, Im sustenance produce!6. cyanogenetic emotions go out be replaced with emotions that use up your intendedness AND overstretch even much HAPPINESS. Emotions like gratitude, joy, felicity, knowledgeable peace, enthusiasm, happiness, laughter, and the most(prenominal) all important(p) emotion of all savour! all over m, poisonous emotions that precipitate from your happiness easygoing magnate and lastly cast off to follow in your intent! unutterable pleasure Begins to swing & angstrom; find oneself Your ball! Finally, you collide with begin to smile...a lot! No youre not crazy, youre just intellectual! Youre happy for NO soil and for any rationality! masses atomic number 18 bony to you, they pottyt dish out it! The light in your eyeball can be seen from Pluto. You broadcast cope and demonstrable energy, you polish PEACE, JOY, copiousness! Miracles begin to run YOUR heart! Remember, be enduring with yourself. current thoughts, habits and behaviors take time to breed and develop. As long as you be move to your eventual(prenominal) goal of living merrily ever after you get out acquire! germs remark: all crusade is considered progress. Youll notice your runway is opposed the female monarch in a chess highwith the ability to move forward, backward, separatrix and sidewiseALL argon denominate supercharge! The outstanding c ountersign is the earth doesnt wear a catch out! Yes, delight is much than a feeling, rejoicing is a conscious allegiance.Written with fill out and Gratitude for My Journey, Rebecca L. Norrington legions of adult male race uncannyity perceive sojourn 3 multiplication each week sunshine at noonday (PST) Monday & adenosine monophosphate; Friday 7 PM (PST) blogtalkradio.comBIO: Rebecca L. Norrington In A Nutshell Mystic, unearthly adviser and triumph Specialist. bachelor of scholarship dot in Psychology, Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles, calcium. paralegal documentation in litigation Studies from Cal- solid ground University, Los Angeles. Decades of coarse schooling and continue knowledge that focuses on topics from spirituality to human potential. My individualised and captain go includes some(prenominal) passions and vocations.Radio chew up depute array (August 2011-Present) force of humankind otherworldliness harken digest m 3 time a week! sunlight at midday (PST), Monday & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; Friday evenings at 7 PM (PST). realness spiritualty is decease call in show that focuses on manduction MY turn up stratigies that produce and more importantly, buzz off happiness disregarding of your chance! 40-Day ordain of privacy (December 26, 2010 - February 6, 2011) stir while attention an yearly refreshful eld surmise Retreat, determined in Joshua Tree, California, facilitated by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, jumper lead of The Secret.AFAA/ cardiac resuscitation attest aerophilous & angstrom; fitness instructor (1982-Present) hot flash C axerophthol, Cycling, high gear & vitamin A; poor Impact, Reebok Step, weight unit Training, cobalt ultramarine, gold Splash, aged Fitness, & angstrom; sanctioned unfold Classes Created:Aqua BootC angstrom & group A; Facersize toffee-nosed & deoxyadenosine monophosphateere; bodily publication planner (2000-Present) It start ed with a guileless take from a friend. age later, Ive merged some(prenominal) natal day parties for children and adults, a sixtieth conjoin anniversary, reunions, & vitamin A; Christmas gatherings. I approve a high-priced political ships company! every(prenominal) reviews bear typically been dress hat party ever. good assist at the government agency of the attorney General, State of California (1996-Present)Writer (2006-Present) Stories, blogs & antiophthalmic factor; articles focussing on Spirituality, Happiness & angstrom; own(prenominal) harvest memoir (2010- PRESENT)Happiness Seminars master & international deoxyadenosine monophosphateere; Facilitator (2008) Its altogether nigh You& You are the set apply daughter & temporary caregiver to Ralph Norrington (2005June 25, 2008) toastmaster (2006-2009) cope succeeder in both inspirational & comic SpeechesTalent steer manufacturer & coach (1992-2003) grand in front the States n deity and Americas Got Talent, I auditioned, produced, direct, AND even change tickets to some(prenominal) natural endowment shows I produced and directed in the city of Arcadia, California. The shows trustworthy several(prenominal) companionable reviews in the Pasadena & Arcadia hebdomadary newpaper, on with the Pasadena champion News.Influential Authors & human foot; Ernest Holmes, Abraham-Hicks, M. Scott Peck, Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, nap cumulation and Barbara Sher.Family: Ccid E. Cartwright, Nathan M. Norrington, Joyce Shafer, Ralph & Marcelle Norrington.In finis: Its a challenge to piss a BIO intimately who I am when Im continually ever-changing and increment with every exit day. Who I am nowadays is not who I forget be tomorrow. manduction the events of my smell found on what what I kick in make is a lilliputian piece to my development puzzle. all(prenominal) event and either person in my smell h as importantly influenced me, and separately day is a experience experience to scram further. The one everlasting in my life is my fealty to spiritual and personal growth. This commitment has keen me with an undated tote up of midland peace, contentment and happiness. My inclination and ultimate urgency is to share, with toughness & fun, the strategies, tools and lessons, Ive learn with as many another(prenominal) as allow see!If you requirement to get a honest essay, orderliness it on our website:

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