Sunday, February 24, 2019

Mindful Eating Essay

Mindful feeding can be understood as eating with full sentience about what you are eating, where and what is going on around you objet dart eating. Today, in this busy life of ours, we are unable to have mindful eating, and preferably we do mindless eating, i.e. simply eating, without paying much attention to fare for thought and the happenings nearby.Mindful eating is all about paying attention to our nutriment and cherish the moment. According to mindful eating, we shall notice our food, its colour, its flavour, its aroma and enjoy our food to the maximum. Multi-tasking while eating, that is watching T.V, reading newspaper, talking etc. leads to mindless eating and thus leads to overeating. In order to practice mindful eating, some of the adjacent points are to be taken into consideration- * Notice your Food, i.e notice its aroma, its texture, its flavour. * Avoid Multi-tasking while eating.* Take small bites and chew your food properly. (32-times) * sap only half of you r stomach. gaint eat for a stomach full * Eat only when you are hungry, dont wait to exaggerate your smart * Have Good and heavy Brunch and a light dinner.* Dont drink water immediately after having food, wait for at least 20 mins. * Always eat in groups, but bend talking while having food. * Cherish your Food.Mindful living helps you in cherishing every moment of your life and stay happy. Mindful eating is the first grade one can take towards mindful living.

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