Saturday, February 9, 2019

Science Experiment to Measure the Dissolved Oxygen Levels Using the HACH Method and CHEMets Test Kit :: Science Scientific Environmental Resources Essays

Science Experiment to Measure the Dissolved group O Levels Using the HACH Method and CHEMets Test KitPurpose The purpose of my proletariat is to determine if there is any significantdifference in turn type O (DO) levels as measured by the traditional HACH system or the newly developed CHEMets test kit under usual bowl conditions.Hypothesis My hypothesis is that there is no significant difference in change state oxygen (DO) levels as measured by the traditional HACH method or the newlydeveloped CHEMets test kit under typical field conditions.Review of Literature Ours is a watery world, and we, its dominant species, argon walking sacksof sea water. The presence of large amounts of liquid water on Earth make ourplanet unique in the solar system. (Hill, 1992 p. 477) commonwealth have recently become more concerned with preserving our earth for future(a) generations. Even the government pitches in to help save our earth byenacting laws to help preserve our natural resources. There is local evidencethat ameliorate sewage treatment means proceeds in water quality. observe ona national level showed that large investments in point-source taint controlhave yielded no statistically significant pattern of improvement in dissolvedoxygen levels in water in the operate 15 years. It may be that we are only keepingup with the amount of pollution we are producing. (Knopman, 1993) The early biosphere was not pleasant for flavour-time because the atmosphere hadlow levels of oxygen. Photosynthetic bacteria consumed carbon dioxide andproduced simple sugars and oxygen which created the oxygen abundant atmospherein which more advanced life forms could develop. (Brown, 1994) The mystery ofhow Earths oxygen levels rose is very complex. Scientists dont agree when orhow the oxygen on earth got here, but we know we could not live without it.(Pendick, 1993) oxygen is crucial for gentleman to survive. Dissolved oxygen isalso crucial for some fish and aqu atic organisms to survive. Dissolved oxygenis for them what atmospheric oxygen is for humans. If humans have no oxygen tobreathe, they die. The same goes for fish. However, fish get their oxygen fromthe water, and humans get theirs from the atmosphere. (Mitchell and Stapp,1992) Different aquatic organisms need different levels of dissolved oxygen tothrive. For example, pike and trout need medium to high levels of dissolvedoxygen. chicane and catfish are the exact opposite, needing only low levels ofdissolved oxygen.

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