Monday, March 11, 2019

Notes on Jaws Essay

Characters in the filmChrissie, the first victim is different to everyone else because she more or less deserved the plan of attack because it was her own fault. She was drunk at a party and about to have sex with a random guy who she didnt even know the name of. The boyd was ringing which indicated the fact that there was something in the water- evidently a chisel. Subsequently, because she was drunk she could not hear this and the boy was to center on running over to Chrissie that he was also oblivious to the heavy indication. Alex is a young boy with an older mother who says estimable 10 more minutes for him staying in the water, if she had not said that and not permit him go, he would still be alive.Contrasting ii extremes, a large, substantial lady walked past Alex on the opening scene straight outside it strikes you how skinny Alex looks. Speilberg has done this so you think Why was Alex eaten? when there were go bad people the cheat could of picked. Another contra st demonstrated by Speilberg was that Alexs mother was shouting Alex, Alex, Alex. She knew who her son was, very well, yet the first attack the boy who was the only one who could have potentially saved the victim had to ask for her name. This illustrates how different the two attacks were.False/Fake alertsScreaming makes you alert and suddenly awargon of what is happening. Another technique Speilberg uses to catch your attention. There are a few fake attacks/alerts which have been proposed in the film of Jaws. Firstly, plainly before the first attack a girl in messing somewhat in the water initially we think it has something to do with the shark and so does chief Brody. Yet we are wrong, by using this technique is builds the auditory modalitys expectations and then confounding what we expect with the reality.By doing so this makes us more aware that something is about to happen and makes us more unbalanced for the real attack that is soon going to creep up on us. Another exampl e of a false alarm is the Sunday tiffin attack, when the two men are attempting to catch the shark. The strong shark pulls a tyre which is connected to the jetty (the trap) and it breaks the jetty causing the two men to fall in. Although, one of the men is dragged across towards the shark, in fog and realization he scrambles away towards land. Luckily, he gets out of the water just in time. But, we- the audience- believe that he is going to die because there is the shark music playing.

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