Friday, March 15, 2019

The Journalist, a Rare Breed Indeed :: College Admissions Essays

The Journalist, a Rare Breed Indeed   Hello? The police dispatcher answers the phone.   Hi there, I say brightly. My name is Aaron Mesh, and Im from the News Chief. Could you please transfer me all over to Major Thomas? I need to ask her a hardly a(prenominal) questions about the wreck over on Havendale Drive this morning...   This is my job. Im an intern newsperson at the News Chief, a daily newspaper in eastern hemisphere Polk County, Florida. Ive been on the job for the past 27 months. Once a week, I come into the Chiefs newsroom and get to work conducting interviews, gathering information, writing stories. Most of my life, Ive had a strong interest - some would call it an obsession - with newspapers and journalism. From a vernal age, I was drawn to the paper, running out to grab it off the crusade and devour the contents. I may be the only 17-year old with an reading of the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual sitting in his bedroom for uncontaminati ng reading.   Working for a newspaper has helped develop one of my best skills functional with information. Ive always enjoyed gathering facts, interpreting them, and explaining to others what Ive learned. My internship at the News Chief has permit me discover what it takes to find out whats going on in the world, and to bring in and relate events to people in a fair, objective way.   Weaker areas have excessively been strengthened by my News Chief work. I have incur much better at working in a stem setting, making friends and generally being socially adept. (On the other hand, I lock in havent learned to type properly. We all have our faults.) Although my News Chief affair is far from my only interest - I could spend multiple paragraphs relating my hit the sack of the 4-H program, for starters - working with a newspaper has been a unique and defining face of my high school experience. Perhaps most importantly, it has helped solidify my goals for the future. My l ove of the yarn-dye media has congealed into a desire to work in that media. My goal, at least(prenominal) at this point of my life, is to become an educated, well-rounded journalist - one with a strong grasp of history, philosophy and literature. This understanding will allow me, plot recording and dispersing the facts about current events, to communicate the truth in a deep in meaningful way.

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