Sunday, March 17, 2019

The language paper -- essays research papers

Language is one of the most powerful mediums in the valet de chambre world, and non only can language be expressed through and through words, but also visually and musically. Language is every liaison from words that are verbalise and the silence that lies between one phrase and the next. I fall upon surface odd how in our culture, we decide to label things dim and white. Its either this or its that, yet when in that respects something lacking in language, we try to assign dissimulations to it instead of letting things be how they are. I have two types of mediums that I tincture shows the idea that things are visually and audibly black and white, but its difficult to leave it at that.The first medium I chose is in fact a color picture, but what makes it similar to a black and white picture is that theres mostly black in the picture. When my dad got the roll of depiction developed, I started feeling through it and not plain stopping to look closely at any pictures, but then I repel to this one and I found myself just staring at it and feel for something that might not even be there. When I first glanced at it I just saw a person wearing black and their arm with her head not captured in the picture. When I looked at it once more I saw myself in the background with a look of hurt and sadness incorporated with the look of cosmos finally behaveting in. I think the reason that I didnt quite look at myself in the background first was because Im positioned off center on in the picture. I look carefully to see body language, since I cant tell what words are being spoken, and I see that my hands are by my mouth, almost seeming uniform I want to hide my emotions from the world, but at the same condemnation Im overwhelmed with the emotions that I feel that I cant help but break down in silence. The second thing that my eyes seem to land on is the person to the right belongings the former(a) persons hand. I somehow got a winking as to why I started crying again. Its not because it was a funeral and that my lifeless naans body was right there in the open, but its that the person who is standing to the right of me (my aunt), is holding the others persons hand (her aunt, my grandmothers sister). I remember fetching one quick glance at her and just seeing my grandmother in front of me because of the close resemblance of the two. It was almost like a walking ghost was right in front of me. Thats when reality se... ... they have in front of them isnt so bad. I profess this breed is more directed to people who feel like theyre outside of the box or that they dont really belong. The song has this meaning that says to embrace their differences because it is what makes them unique and to stay true to themselves.I feel that both genres that I chose were pretty much black and white, but for some odd reason, anytime I look and listen to both, I try to find deep hidden meanings from them. These meanings that I find might not even be th ere. The meanings I find might just be ethnic influences that are programmed in my head. Maybe if someone from a different life style or culture were to listen or hear these genres, they would get a different meaning from them, maybe something that I might have not even seen. I think as part of our society, we constantly try to look for hidden meanings or meanings that arent even there in something that is as simple as a black and white photo. No one could label something clearly black and white, nor can they determine the set meaning in a photo, song, advertisement, etc. because it all depends on the cultural background of the reader or l

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