Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Traditional Skills Are Disappearing

In earlier times, volume willingly learned skills such as repairing their household items or making clothes. And they used to practice it to their benefit. Some would yet out proudly talk about it in their friends and family get togethers. such were the cut off time activities in those past years of human race. Though on the whole these skills had their advantages but it also required some free time. Also, in that respect were rattling little opportunities to pass leisure hours. entirely in this modern age, an amount person is busy enough that taking some time our for even learning such skills is not possible.From childhood to adulthood and later, day-to-day spot tasks take so much efforts and time that these extra skills are well-nigh abandoned. Besides one reason being non-availability of free time, interest in these activities has lost its wya. there used to be a charm in designing own clothes, mending household items or even repairing furniture. But modern inventions, career building, social activities etc has played its part in this downfall. In my country, except a few towns and villages, race are reluctant to attend these past practices.Fast paced demeanor style, interest in other curricular activities, less learning opportunities for these dying skills, and no encouragement for it is dominant around here. I think no matter how busy our life is, benefits from these skills are lavish and one should try to practice it atleast to go it alive. If we gain the insight into the history, it is not difficult to discover that when a country develops its technology, the traditional skills and shipway of life always die out.Weather it is pointless to nurture them alive is increasing comely the focus of governments and citizen concern around the globe. In this essay I will try to analyse this issue to some cases and give my answer. Many people in my country believe it is a wise decision to keep them alive since the tradition is the heritage we inhe rit from our ancestors therefore, we have the obligation to deliver and keep them moving along in the future. Moreover, traditions now have a much pivotal role to play. For instance, Chinese conventional Spring fiesta has become a crucial pportunity for Chinese families, probably live apart(predicate) from each other for career and study, to strengthen their family bonds. Obviously, this kind of household company can absolutely contribute to the wellbeing and advancement of our society. It is, however, not an undemanding job to prove that view totally true. Some individuals firmly show that to keep the traditional skills and ways of life alive makes nonsense. To be more than specifically, the conventional ways of life, something we used to be proud of, have saturnine out to be the obstacle and barrier of the implementation of new technology.For example, people who live in rural area still persist in using wood and log for heating, because of the low price, which had better be replaced by solar energy, while this method costs more. Even though there will be some resistance created by our traditional skills and ways of life when we are marching for the industrialisation. I do agree to keep them there, because it is our tradition that gives us the superiority to other creatures on this planet, that is why I prefer this view.

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