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Field Experience Observation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Field Experience Observation Report - Essay Example I believe that my teacher is dealing with student differences due to the readings and aspects that we have learned and the way class learning takes place. Such as the concept of self takes into account gender and racial identities and their differences. Even William James’s explanation of self-concept relates to all groups because everyone has multiple selves and an aspiration of where they want to be, and everyone becomes more aware of themselves and how they act as they grow older. However, this time span of middle adolescence or early adolescence traits may differ from culture to culture; in some cultures, awareness comes before others due to the conditions in their society or their familial upbringing and these aspects should also be covered and be taken into account in the classroom while reacting to the behavior of the students or grading them Self-esteem is also a relative concept; therefore, diverse or not diverse, it is an individualistic character that cannot be gene ralized even for a race, so it is difficult to encompass and generalize for races; however, the basic trend of high esteem is correlated to positive trends. Global esteem is also considered in the text therefore I think that the teacher addresses the issue in text but practically does not build up that esteem in the classroom for students of different races. (Tesser, Felson, & Suls, 2000) The building of identity reading also takes into account the difference between men and women in the building of identity; the basic steps are the same, but what is more important for women is interpersonal factors, and as recent study shows, both inter and intra personal factors. Even in gender roles, the reading explored that for females there is greater flexibility in the world, and so is there flexibility for adolescents. In the classroom however I haven’t observed this, in fact there is greater flexibility for males. However, these gender roles are not universal, and they differ from cu lture to culture. Some cultures believe in the equality of men and women, and some societies are entirely male dominated. Another weakness of the reading is that there is a comparison between the West and the rest. In the rest there is a wide variety of races and cultures which are worlds apart and cannot simply be combined in the ‘rest’ and which are not taken into account in the classroom. Different communities also have different problem solving strategies, whereas only Berke’s social problem solving steps are outlined and followed in the class. However, the universal belief is that one must not only understand their own needs, but as they develop, they should be able to take into account the perspectives of others and thus develop ‘multiple perspectives.’ The teacher herself should also have this view. Piaget and Kohlberg are also renowned psychologists not just in the western society but all over the world; and, even though deviations exist with in an individual who may even be in the western society, generally their principles are universally accepted. In the classroom they are followed to the book and practicality seems to be missing. Teen problems may also be different for different cultures. In the west, the problems may be teen pregnancy and unhealthy sexual behavior, whereas in other societies, such as more conservative ones, the problems may be that girls are too modern, they wish to do what they like, and in poor countries it may that teens do not get

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