Friday, August 16, 2019

Scramble For Africa DBQ

European powers gave the illus. on of choice to the people and then backed them up with torture and bullets when they rises De. African Nations responded to colonization efforts by holding on to their religious bell fees and through militaristic resistance while other just remained to their destined faith that WA s set up to them by European Powers. In order to better analyze this issue, it would be helpful to have a document that is a response from African merchants that detailed the possible e economic consequences of European Colonization.Many Africans saw that that their fate had been made as soon as the European powers marched in and began occupying and colonizing their lands so they g eve in without a fight at all. The Royal Niger Company, commissioned by the British government NT to administer and develop the Niger River delta and surrounding areas and many African rue leers signed the form in 1886(Doc 1). Many African leaders just signed their lands away not eve en standing u p for their lands they just subsided with the British thinking things would be bet terror them if they just have in when in reality it didn't make anything better.Shanty leader Premier I turned down an offer that would protect him and his people. But he also said that â€Å"at the same time remain friendly with all White men†(Doc 2). Premier may have not agree De to the British logic of protection but he did want to remain friendly with the whites which t urine out to be a major flaw for the Chiantis. Next, Indians Kamala and African veteran of the Needle Rebellion tells how his people surrendered to the white people and tried to live e their lives as normal as they possibly could(Doc 4).Once again the Africans just submitted t o the their fate Mr. Sullivan and attempted to live their lives as normal Africans. They might as well as off get for their lives and freedom because they were treated as slaves and when an unrecognized r billion broke out against the Europeans, the Eu ropeans quickly overpowered them and ma y Africans died. This was described by Indians Kamala as † They-?the White men-?fought t us with big guns, machine guns, and rifles.Many Of our people were killed in this fight: I s away four of my cousins shot. We made many charges but each time we were defeated†(Doc 4 Lastly, Samuel Marcher a leader of the Hero people described in a letter to another African leader how â€Å"All our obedience and patience with the Germans is of little avail, for each h day they shoot someone dead for no reason at 7). Many people in Africa just b Egan giving in to all the changes that were taking place around them by European powers.

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