Saturday, September 14, 2019

Canadian Trade History Essay

It is due not later than Sunday March 3, at 6:00pm, submitted to Moodle You need to use at least 3 sources: your textbook, your class notes and 1 other source of your choice. Sources need to be cited properly. Your essay must cover all periods of trade: pre-European contact, early contact/colonial, late colonial, American-dominated, international. In each period, include what was traded, by whom, and for later periods, in what amounts ($). Papers should be written in proper essay style, with SHORT introductions and conclusions. Stick to the facts, as you space limit does not allow for much extra. The Canadian traded history. The trade is beginning with the neighbors, traded with the same value of the animals, good and the food you want. And in that time the money still no exists yet, thus neighbors and villages are trade with other things, this is the trading started. And it grew bigger and bigger to city trade with the city country trade with country, and crossing domain trading with country. Such as European trading good and slaves in China around 800 B. C. and there is not much people try to crossing the domain with the trade, because it is dangerous and took long time to get to other countries. Until the sail technique and been used for 1000 years. In1497, just five years after Columbus landed in the Caribbean John Cabot (Giovanni Cabotto), an Italian whose ships were financed by England’s King Henry VII, landed on the shores of Newfoundland, off the east coast of North America. And this is how Canadian trade history start. The national people were the first arrive in the North America live in the good social, health lives, hunting animals, trading with different tribes. But everything was changed after the EU came in with metal weapons, guns, food, and more and more. And the Indian changed their lives to better hunting and cutting fur and feather skills. But after the war, the national people gone to the north part of the NA, and their live is not better then any one else. Cold weather, sickness, war, and food are taking their life away. Only the EU took control over of NA after 1400. And the US and Canada become the colony of UK, trading making business around the world, and Canada are the biggest trading partner in that time. Few years after the Canada and UK had the war with US because US wants to be independent on their own, but uk don’t want them to be so because they still want to control the US and Canada. Thus the Trading is stopped and war. After the war trading start again. In that time the New York is the biggest trading city market in the NA. lots of Canadian are traded in New York, goods, foods , weapons and so on. And because the war Canadian are hate and anger about the American but we are the biggest traded partner in NA, so we are kind the anger about them, but we can’t live without them on the trade and business county. Until now the US still is the biggest trading partner in the NA.

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