Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The American Dream Annotated Bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The American Dream - Annotated Bibliography Example While the other articles focusing on the provision of opportunities in the American land for immigrants and persons from other nations, this secondary source emphasizes the level of opportunities provided among the American population. With the country depicted as the promised land, (Maddox 271) observes that provision of special education for the visually challenged among the American community is one way of ensuring such an achievement. The education system in collaboration with various state laws and the federal laws has ensured the provision of specialized education for the visually challenged and other physically challenged students. That in return has ensured the provision of an equal playing field for all the students within the American nation without favor. The action serves as one of the many actions that the federal government is taking to ensure it lives to the dream of becoming a p=romised land. With the author a specialist in teaching the visually impaired, the article is essential for academic research while also presenting information on internal structures to assist the current U.S citizens.Pulver, Lisa K., and Susan E. Tett. "Drug Utilization Review Across Jurisdictions – a Reality or Still a Distant Dream?" European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2006): n. pag. Print.The federal government is working hard on improving the healthcare system to ensure achievement of a healthy nation that in return will ensure effective production ( Lisa and Tett 63).

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