Thursday, October 17, 2019

Case study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 11

Case study - Essay Example The fact that there is a personal relationship with a friend’s son affects the underlying professional relationship in connection to probationer. This is a major contributor to a state of conflict of interest. Changing of probation officers is in the best interest for each of the parties as they could face accusations of conflicts of interest and could be placed on leave or fined. In the case of the probationer, he could face accusations of bargaining with me, the officer, as there is proof of a mutual interest. All positive aspects occurring between the probationer and the officer could be diluted as a result of such conflict of interest. Future research should accurately conceptualise role conflict and not simply infer that officers experience role conflict on the basis of community correctional officers having differing role preferences (LearningExpress. 2007). One strategy that might be useful is the development of an occupationally specific questionnaire focusing on the t ensions between the welfare and enforcement aspects of the officers’ role. Such a questionnaire should differentiate between internal or personally based conflicts (intra role conflict) and external or organisationally based conflicts (inter-role conflict) (Mendicino, 2010). This approach appears valid in the present study, as both forms of conflict were related to emotional exhaustion. Such an approach would enable a more sophisticated understanding of the tensions faced by community correctional officers and clarification of the issues surrounding whether community correctional officers experience role conflict. If there is evidence of discriminatory against probationers in favour of a friend’s son, it is not appropriate to continue working on the case. There are other legal repercussions emerging against the probation agency. Probation authorities must adhere to lawful procedures, but must not adhere to any provisions with formal requirements of

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