Friday, October 4, 2019

CIPD Course-Employee Relations - UK based system Essay - 1

CIPD Course-Employee Relations - UK based system - Essay Example this definition, one could outline several reasons why performance management is required: first of all, to run an organisation, one must be aware of the people who work within it, and of the skills that the staff members possess, so that before setting any target one could outline the plan of action and, moreover, consider the risk factors involved. Performance management allows managers to keep regular check of performance on an individual and group basis. Workforce acts as bearings in a machine that need to be kept clean and oiled on a regular basis; the same applies to PMS (CIPD 2013, pp. 3–4). Another purpose of using performance management is to control the budget of an organisation; it may include setting salary grades and hiring or firing people. Therefore, to maintain a business or to run an organisation, performance management has become a necessity in the present day scenario. 2. Data Gathering, Observation and Communication: To establish a frictionless momentum for a company, it is compulsory to maintain regular checks and balances. This is only possible in the presence of a keen observer, who is knowledgeable of the past and present, and does know how to communicate his/her findings to the workforce (CIPD 2013, pp. 2–25). 3. Performance Appraisal Meetings: The purpose of performance appraisal is to establish ground for both the lateral and vertical movement of employees. With the implementation of various tools and techniques, performance appraisal provides crucial inputs for succession planning and job rotation (CIPD 2013, pp. 2–25). Motivation refers to the force that urges an individual to work. Whether the job is simple or complex in nature or whether working hours are long or short, better output can be achieved provided motivation is there. Motivating factors are given importance in the industry. Pleasant and positive physical factors stir up motivation. Factors of motivation are also taken into account in the study of morale and

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