Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Rewright this paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Rewright this paper - Essay Example For instance, in general, young ones are much more respectful to elders than they are to peers. This, I believe, is not so much a part of their intrinsic personality than something that is expected from them in social environment. I disagree with Goffman’s argument on the differentiation of roles and identities. I do not think these need to be differentiated since both – the person one really is, and the person he aims to be perceived as – are fundamentally derived from the person’s original identity. Human identity is a complex entity and is made up of a variety of things like one’s history, experiences, character, interests, etc. People may not just have two sides to them- one with a mask and one without. I believe that people have several different characteristics in them, and in an attempt to relate to others and not feel isolated, they bring out different sides of themselves in different social situations. Impression management is essential as it aids people in gaining a sense of respect and familiarity in foreign surroundings. On the whole, it provides society with order and structure. Though self-expression individualism and important qualities, I believe that these need to be kept under control in certain environments, especially those which require professionalism from a person. Even if it is an interaction with one’s parents or close friends, a certain socially acceptable behaviour is required of everyone. Impression management is a technique that is always at work, except for the times when a person is completely by himself. A common example of conscious impression management in a social environment is boarding school. When every year, a small group of new students enter the school, they interact with seniors who have already formed a closed community amongst themselves. In order to be accepted to this closed community, the freshmen change their mentalities and

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