Saturday, October 19, 2019

The Business Case for Diversity Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Business for Diversity - Case Study Example Diversity is about understanding, valuing, and making the most of the individual differences found in each and every person (Clark, 2007). To allow an organization to be the best, they must use the differences found in individuals. Those differences may come from the color of skin or the language they speak. It may include how fast they learn, how they learn, whether they are introverted or extroverted, controlling, or submissive, or conservative (Clark, 2007). An organization will need dreamers, doers, strategizers, organizers and team builders just to mention a few. Organizations need diversity in ideas and therefore they need leaders who can encourage and manage under diverse situations (Kirton, 2007) but often times it is not the employee that wins but the company. The quality of any work or any team is improved by the diverse personalities on it. Leaders that understand the needs of the diverse company are able to leverage those diverse groups in a way that will improve the companies product line (Carter, 2007). This is the theory, some are successful and some are not. One example of a company that is doing this very thing and providing excellent tutelage for their leadership is Merck. Merck believes that diversity encourages the creativity and innovation for their company and they use this to remain competitive (Merck, 2007). They have believed that the use of diversity in their business will keep them ahead of the curve. They also believe that they are able to have better leadership teams if they remember the diverse needs of their employees when they hire. Merck believes that first, they must train their leadership team in diversity and what it means as well as how to manage it. They have perpetual training going on with these leadership teams. The Merck leadership model focuses on developing employee competence from the edge of their diversity allowing the company to capitalize on their difference.  

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