Sunday, October 6, 2019

When does compensation time start under the fair labor standards act Assignment

When does compensation time start under the fair labor standards act - Assignment Example Clemens, 328 U.S 680. However, there was some amendments into the Act in 1949 which allowed that compensability of the changing clothes or washing clothes at the beginning of each workday should be the subject of appropriately committed to the collective bargaining. Though the policy was fair to the workers, the policy was best handled in the collective bargaining of the employees. Secondly, the term clothe is a general meaning. Clothes can denote anything worn by a person such as dress, shirt o pants. It has no other special meaning which means when someone says that need to be compensated for wearing clothes, the court cannot hold that decision as it is absurd to compensated a person for just wearing the clothes. Protective clothing is both integral and indispensable part of the main activities which clearly indicate the employee as covered and hence can attract compensation. In the Sandifer V. United states steel corp., the item under discussion was never distinguished as protective clothing. Despite the fact that the term â€Å"changing† clothes was given a broader meaning during the amendment to include changing one clothes to wear working clothes or putting over another layer of cloth; whether one chooses to change the clothes when in reporting to job or when on arrival at the workplace is a purely personal choice. One can only choose to do such things. For instance, a worker may opt to wear the working clothes while still at home while the other would wear it when one report to the job. In the two scenarios, it is a matter of personal choice. In such a scenario, it becomes hard to allow for compensation for time spent in â€Å"changing clothes†. Applying the principle as discussed above, donning and doffing off clothing as presented by the plaintiff can only be interpreted as â€Å"changing clothes†. Out of the twelve items under the suit brought forward by Sandifer as

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