Friday, February 21, 2020

Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Philosophy - Essay Example This kind of explanation was and is still lacking in the traditional medication though they are recognized to some extent in the contemporary medication. Generally, medication would be considered to be scientifically relevant. In science, there are three principles that must be fulfilled by any happening considered to be in it domain, the principle of obeying natural laws, that is the law of gravity, replication, and falsifiability (Ellis, 127). In simpler terms science dictates that it has no preference and do not behave differently in any place and when performed by anybody. This concept is clearly manifested in the way vaccines are used. Whether a vaccine is used in Kenya or in Canada for example, it will have the same effect on the individuals that have used it. That explains why vaccines have been used to get rid of disease like measles and small pox all over the world. There operation can be fathomed both in common science and in the scientific perspective. In the interest of u nderstanding science both in fact and common sense, it is prudent that we unravel the following; Before a vaccine is made and licensed to be used publicly in the mitigation of a disease spread, it has to pass through a definite scientific sequence. From the initial proposed project, evaluation of the efficacy and feasibility, cost, animal trial, human clinical trial which is the last stage before licensing after having proven effective. This chronology justifies and attempts to answer all the possible questions that can be asked about vaccines. In addition to this, vaccines are not compound in nature, they are rather specific and do take care of only one infection. This is justified scientifically because every disease causing pathogen referred to as antigen do have specific vaccine target points known as paratopes (Lefebvre, 222). These antigenic points have different orientation in every antigens and it explains why vaccines are specific in nature. The same applies to the drugs, w hich target specific physiological repair to render normalcy. The kind of justification made above is conspicuously lacking in homeopathy, which is considered as a form of medication. Thesis statement Human physiological processes are identical and once subjected to any external treatment will behave more or less the same. There are no selective behavioral tendencies that can be exhibited by different individual subjected to same treatment based on the cultural or social orientation. In this regard, all substances that are used in the body to reverse a physiological departure expressly owes us the responsibility of unequivocally accounting for the logics behind the proposed effect, otherwise it will be a matter of taking jokes too far. In pursuit of the above statement, I refuse to believe in the efficacy of homeopathy as a way of medication. The justification is stated below. The concept of Homeopathy In the 18th century, Samuel Hahnemann discovered homeopathy. Its concert then and now remain absolutely the same, it proposes that if a substance is able to cause symptoms when occurs in large doses, the diluted concentration of the same substance do reverse the occurrence of the symptoms. A classical example is; when large dose of mycobacterium tuberculosis is

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