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Essay about Corruption in Politics - 2511 Words

When it comes to corruption in politics, no one is immune. Both parties have had their share. Not too long ago three members of Congress who are Republican were indicted due to political and financial scandals (Wallis, 2012). Two are currently under investigation and one is in prison (Wallis, 2012). Part of the problem in these corruption scandals involves the ability of interest groups to determine policy as well as pork barrel spending (Wallis, 2012). While corruption takes place at all levels of government, it has been particularly noticeable in the U.S. Congress. In the United States, there are two Senators elected from each state and numerous Congressmen who comprise the United States Congress. Of those elected, there have been†¦show more content†¦Those in Nevada thought they might influence him since he was in a position of high authority (Solomon, 2011). In this situation, one has to wonder about the seriousness of the corruption. The article goes on to report: He defended the gifts, saying they would never influence his position on the bill and was simply trying to learn how his legislation might affect an important home state industry (Solomon, 2011). Is he correct? Is he allowed to accept gifts if in fact they do not influence his decisions? The general rule is as follows: Senate ethics rules generally allow lawmakers to accept gifts from federal, state or local governments, but specifically warn against taking such gifts—particularly on multiple occasions—when they might be connected to efforts to influence official actions (Solomon, 2011). While perhaps the Senator was within the law in accepting the gifts, certainly it has the appearance of impropriety. In the manual, examples are provided as to what is not acceptable, such as a time when an Oregon lawmaker took gifts for personal use from the president of the South Carolina State University (Solomon, 2011). The school was trying to exert its influence (Solomon, 2011). Wha t do the experts say? The article goes on to explain: Several ethics experts said Reid should have paid for the tickets, which were close to the ring and worth between several hundred and several thousand dollars each, to avoid the appearance he wasShow MoreRelatedThe Corruption Of Politics And Politics1715 Words   |  7 Pagesinstitutions, corruption can take place (Lederman, Loayza and Soares, 2001, p. 1-2). Canada prides itself as one of the top countries with the least perceived level of public corruption (Transparency National, 2015; Atkinson, 2011, p. 448). Even with Canada’s good reputation, political corruption still continues to plague the system and takes the form of misuse in election finance and lobbying of interest groups (Atkinson and Mancuso, 1985, p. 462; Atkinson, 2011, p. 448). The definition of corruption helpsRead MorePolitics Is Fueled By Corruption1511 Words   |  7 PagesPolitics is fueled by corruption. It causes government involved citizens to over use their power into manipulating others to achieve what they want. In All the King’s Men, written by Robert Pen Warren, Warren distributes politics to show how Willie Stark transformed. His character gradually deteriorates as a person throughout the political novel leading up to his death. Warren writes to exemplify politics and how it ruined lives of well-rounded people. Warren demonstrates the role of politics asRead MoreEssay on The Olympics: Politics, Scandal, and Corruption3790 Words   |  16 Pages ABSTRACT: The purity of the Olympics has been smeared by scandal, corruption, boycotts, political disputes and even acts of terrorism. Sadly, politics have taken control of the Olympics and turned it into a political and money-making extravaganza. Olympic boycotts became a way for countries to protest each other. Hitler tried to use the Games to prove his belief of racial superiority. Wars interfered with the Olympics. Bloodshed even covered the Olympics, in the 1972 Munich Games where terroristsRead MoreEssay on The Role of Youth in Politics1291 Words   |  6 Pagesin politics. The famous writer Srirangam Srinivas wrote, â€Å"Our country is not in the hands of lazy and corrupted old politicians, this country is ours i.e. youth†. Young people between the ages 18 to 25 are the future of this country and its political system. The young people of America have a responsibility to be involved with politics and with their civic duties. The youth in America must be involved in po litics to ensure that America stays a country of freedom, and to combat the corruption in politicsRead MorePolitics, Realism, Liberalism And Liberty1507 Words   |  7 PagesStudying Politics challenges thoughts on existing theories and helps to develop the understanding of political concepts that are often deemed to be effective or ineffective. This essay will refer to some concepts and theories such as Political Corruption, Realism, Liberalism and Liberty. It will explore the kind of things academics generally try to find out through studying politics to explore these topics and what they should possibly be looking for instead when studying politics. Political CorruptionRead MorePolitical Corruption Has A Lasting Impression On New York City1319 Words   |  6 PagesPolitical corruption has had a lasting impression on New York City and the empire state all together. It is an attribute to the history and development of the city because it has been an influence on the social, economic and political spheres that are at the heart of society in New York. To develop an understanding of how political corruption shaped New York City and how it has contributed to the city’s growth is essential to under the history of the city. It is important also to understand how peopleRead MorePolitical Ignorance And Its Impact On Politics939 Words   |  4 Pagesmyself, have been found guilty of this very thing. Although, there is really no excuse since this generation is beaming with social networks and media outlets, which naturally spread information rapidly. Political ignorance and the lack of interest in politics can be concerning but if a person in a governmental position is estranged to governmental policy, that is when we have a huge problem. For example, one does not simply become a Senator these days through good intention and high esteem. Although,Read MoreThe Democracy Of The United States Government1246 Words   |  5 Pagesof voting is available, why is the voter turnout so low? Many other countries have a much larger vote turnout than the United States. The reason for this varies; some major points would be the Demographics, voting laws, and political favoritism/corruption that affect the voter turnout. When the people vote for a public figure they expect them to succumb to the will of the people, and not big business. This led to a lack of trust on the United States government. The United States by far is oneRead MoreIs Corruption A World Issue?1397 Words   |  6 Pagesmuch of that information as possible to be able to share with the class as well as make an informed monologue about said topic. My topic of choice is corruption. â€Å"A world Issue can be defined as a situation or problem that occurs on a global scale that has long lasting impacts and requires a complex solution† (World Issues class 2015-2016). Corruption definitely occurs on a global scale. Not all of these instances involve major cases where corporate officials dressed in suits sit around a table andRead MorePlato s Republic : A Political Leader Is The Greatest Way Have A Successful Political Rule997 Words   |  4 Pagessociety, his argument is rather convincing. Plato compares the craft of politics to the craft of medicine in book one. When someone is ill, they go to a doctor, not a baker for example. Plato argues that politics is much the same in that someone who is able to s uccessfully run a government must have studied politics and fit the role of a philosopher king. When the ruler or rulers of a society do not meet this requirement, corruption is bound to occur. Plato states that â€Å"excessive action in one direction

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