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Entertainment Project

Plan TypeBlock mode TitleTo have various types of am determinationments in Fiji, examine the advantages and disadvantages of these on the muckle in Fiji. Introduction Context merriment whitethorn provide fun, gratifying and laughter but in the other hand it has its drawbacks. SubjectFiji is thus one of the best entertainment options with its wide variety of activities that provide retrieve the country mixerly and economically. Limited SubjectDisadvantages of this may lead to bullock commonwealth away from study and exercise.IssueYour mind diverts away from your day to day worries and tensions and you ar able to divert your mind from the normal schedule. Thesis didacticsThis look for will examine on the advantages and disadvantages of entertainment on the people of Fiji. Support for Thesis ADVANTAGES chief(prenominal) idea 1 mixer stir of entertainment in Fiji Supporting fancy Aa)Reserve a non bad(predicate) health e. g sports b)Reduce stress e. g music, idiot b ox c)sociable networking e. g internet d)gives mortals a break from work and daily chores e)fun Main idea 2Economic impact of entertainment SupportingIdea Ba)gain scholarship e. g sports b)earn income e. g music c)access to job chance and more(prenominal) employment opportunity e. g internet d)main income in Fiji e)increase in currency f)improve tired of living g)poverty array will decrease h)some places can become popular (e. g Beqa-fire walking) DISADVANTAGES Main idea 3Drawback of social contact of entertainment Supporting Idea Aa)affects the pincerrens grows in Fiji b)Addictive and keep away from work &038 breeding c) remainder up spending too much date in socialize and forget to do work d)may risk losing friends e. spend more time in video games e)lose touch with family members Main idea 4 oppose impact economically Supporting Idea Ba)clash with culture e. g gambling b)culture shock c)loss of traditional determine and beliefs e. g meke has been generating gold to the tourism industry. Conclusion Restatement of thesisadvantages of entertainment are Personal satisfaction Social impact Economical benefits disadvantages are Culture shock Loss of values and beliefs Social Economic ImplicationHarmful to Fijian cultureHinders a childs upbringing to a family RecommendationGovernment should take inhibit on such activities performed that will bring damages to the country and supercharge nice things that will bring better return to the society. Thought to superviseIssue to be considered or else excessive or being accustomed may increase and bring problems In homes and to the society as a whole. Have a realistic budget, Abstract This testify will talk over the advantages of entertainment socially and economically and consider its disadvantages in Fijis society.Firstly, it will state the social benefits of entertainment to an individual and economically to the country as a whole. Subsequently, it will consider its disadvantages on social effects and go on to talk of the disadvantages on economically effects in the country. Finally, this essay will conclude that entertainment in Fiji will bring good health to people and at the same time can suppress emotional state indeed Government should bring it under control. Entertainment in Fiji Entertainment is an action, event or activity that aims to entertain, amuse and interest an listening (concise oxford, 8th Ed).Entertainment of any types attracts viewers and manipulates thoughts, with applaud to those participating in them. Additionally, entertainment in Fiji also brings in money to the local economy and government. The real negative aspect of entertainment is that it may lead to miss of personal activities and communicative. This will create burden to the society in the long run. This essay will first of all instigate the advantages of entertainment in Fiji on both socially and economically effects than later will discuss the disadvantages. 104To begin with, all aspects of the entertainment overcome our societys individual behavior and change perceptions and trends. The social impact of entertainment is thought to contain a good health in life such as sports, listening to music, going for a long vacation, watching television and having more fun that will lower ones stress direct. It has been proven by scientists that doing do work and compete sports helps avoid health problem such as totality attack or blood pressure. Having fun and lowering your stress level are some advantages of entertainment.Entertainment helps to relieve stress, but also helps regain energy. socially satisfying, dancing is recreational and entertaining. It creates a social life for the people, while affording the opportunity to make new friends. Listening to music makes you feel relieve and comfortable, for instance, playing music while cleaning up makes a person more calm and ease in cleaning up. 149 As an extension to this pourboire, social networking has become so popular amongst youth that might replace sensible networking. Children entertained themselves to stay indoor rather than mingling with other friends.Before television was invented children would be spotted outside playing with friends but nowadays children are at home playing video games or seen watching movies for entertainment. Entertainment makes people feel relaxed and happy that gives individual a break from work and daily chores. Dancing has no ethnic barriers. Cultural interactions improves our health by expanding our mind and help curb other peoples culture and tradition, for example, hotels entertainers, perform traditional Fijian dance (meke) and live bands.Through these performance, tourist would learn from entertainers the Fijian culture and tradition. Fiji offers amazing types of entertainments for fun such as nightlife at Bars, Pubs and nightclubs. Outdoor dining in Fiji is one of the main sources of entertainment with an inflow of people across the world have a taste of indigenous fresh seafood. Watersports in Fiji is one of the well-nigh enjoyable forms of recreation as well as entertainment in Fiji. 183 In addition, entertainment helps acclivity the economy for an individual and for Fiji as a whole.Through entertainment other countries may sponsor Fiji in the course of sports. The government will receive its dower of fund to fulfill the contract. In the world of music this is an area Fiji earns income in promoting music with entertainment. Entertainment groups may take a trip overseas to perform and promote our culture through music and in return collect income from the trips. Dancing group comes back home with income they collected and this improves their pattern of living. Also, it provides direct employment for the people associated with occupations in forbid and hotels.The average standard of living of people increases well and at the same time unemployment is on the decrease. In general, tourism is an extremely profit able process in rafts of countries, especially those in which the process of development continue to depend on this industry be energize this industry does not require a lot of literacy and also it yields maximum profits with less investment. Some places can become popular e. g. Beqa fire-walking and Vatulele with red prawns and attracts more people to the area.Poverty rate will decrease as well. 197 However, there are drawbacks and negative impact brings about entertainment in Fiji such as a child whom plays violent games tend to be aggressive and violent. Entertainment such as video games, social networking and movies leads to the lack of physical activities among children which makes them less active and communicative. For children who get hook to music, finally end up with obesity, lack of interest in studies and finally become a burden to the society. 76On the other hand, repetition of dancing would lose its meaning, for instance, nowadays people are been paid to entertain, s ome people would dance just for the money. As a result of these, entertainers should take dancing serious, if performing a cultural dance, they should dance with its meaning and not dancing for the sake of money. Whats more, tourists cause environ intellectual damage through forest fires, destruction of sand dunes and pollution. therefore this serves negatively as increased pollution disturbs local residents and also it may discourage tourists from further entering the country.After this, tourism undermines culture by commercializing it and this is practically connected with increasing litter, graffiti, vandalism and noise. Tourists do not always respect traditional cultures, which is sad but true. 125 The negative impact on entertainment economically in Fiji may arises in the availability of bars and alcohol which leads to excessive spending on liquor that often leads to mental problems. Another issue is marital problems leads to broken families, so there is a possibility of a cyc le of alcohol and abusive use of it.This is a breeding ground for abusive relationships and extra demand on social welfare resources like foster care, womens and childrens shelters and counseling services. cassino in Fiji as we all know brings in good money to the government and also guarantees more employment opportunity however, one of the most obvious consequences of playing and gambling is violence or crime which is not only harmful for individuals and families but for the society as well. Many disasters chance in the family stem from gambling online that abet the players in attacking their family members, thieving assets or committing other serious crimes. 55 Based on the points presented in this essay, it has been seen that every people have different types of entertainments where they can grab happiness to have a peace of his/her mind and health. One should be addicted with good thing then otherwise you can destroy your life because in this world all things having advantag es or disadvantages. Everyone must have a daily dose of entertainment. 66 Does anyone have a question? Q1. How does entertainment affect our social being? It affects our attitude towards people, for instance, dancing.Messages can spread to people through dancing like performing tradition dance ( meke) or dancing in church to share a message in what the song is telling you. It also helps you to socialize with other people, for instance, social networking. Q2. boilers suit is entertainment good or bad? Well in my point of view, entertainment can either be good and bad. It depends on how we use them. A wise child would go through internet to do his research while a lazy child would not care about his schoolwork, instead of doing his research he decides to play video games or watch movies.

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