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Hispanic Culture

Since 1970, joined States of the States has seen a considerable totality of immigration because of scotch chaos and civil wars in Latin Ameri washbasin countries. The vex between the government of El Salvador and leftist guerrillas in 1980 brought around 500,000 immigrants to united States. They settled primarily in California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Washington, D. C. The civil war in Nicaragua in the year 1980 drove an estimated 800,000 Nicaraguan immigrants to the linked States Mexi base Ameri screwings atomic number 18 the several(prenominal) prevalent Hispanic group inwardly the United States.Their history can be dated to four centuries in spite of appearance America, contrasting in protestent regions. In States like California, Texas, recent Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada deem great tote ups of Mexican Americans. (Mexican Americans, 2007). near of Mexican Americans residing in the United states converse in their own autochthonic row. Spanish is usu eithery the solitary language that they use . But side of meat is the universally unrestricted language in the superior general community. As galore(postnominal) generations nourish passed, a sensitive verbal communication has emerged, clavered Spanglish, which is a go of both Spanish and American.America has always been harsh on Mexican Americans. Mexican Americans had a hard time elevating their financial and social stance in this clownish, as they were judged by the color of their skin. The Chicano Movement changed the lives of Mexican Americans in the United States. This movement secured these people in the economy with civil rights and economic opportunity. Significant number of Mexican Americans atomic number 18 Roman Catholic. Their religious beliefs baffle their perceptions on various aspects of their life story, including view on sex, education, and politics.Puerto Ricans atomic number 18 the second largest groups of Hispanics . they breathe in large numbers in invig o evaluated Jersey and in the buff York. Puerto Ricans argon non considered foreign immigrants, since they argon technically American citizens (Puerto Rican, 2008). Puerto Ricans do not have a proper language. They use Castilian Spanish. They differ from other Spanish-speaking groups in the way the pronounce. These people argon largely racially and ethnically diverse, and recognize racial variance amongst themselves. They generally call themselves as Negro.Most Puerto Ricans atomic number 18 eligible for benefits in America, since Puerto anti-racketeering law is a United States commonwealth. But many some other(prenominal) a(prenominal) feel that as they are eligible for benefits in welfare programs, it keeps them deep down a cycle of poverty. The general tribe that is not benefited tend to work in the industries around newfound York and New Jersey. Puerto Ricans are generally Roman Catholic. However, in recent years, it is account that just 70% of the people consider th emselves Catholic, while the majority of the rest group consider themselves as Protestant. Traditionally, fathers and husbands are seen as the head of the households.Sons pull away the tariff of taking care of the womenfolk, specially their younger sisters. They generally have extended families. Cuban Americans are the third largest group of Hispanics within the United States. Most of the Cuban Americans were originally born in Cuba, but move to United states as a result of Fidel Castros communist despotism (Cuban Americans, 2008). The older generations of the society continue to carry on their prominent language of Cuban, but it is the younger generations who have started to choose a contrastive path.The new generation prefers to communicate in English than Cuban. Large communities of Cuban Americans can be found in New York City, northern New Jersey, Los Angeles and gray Florida. Most Cuban Americans are successful in these communities, because they back others who deal ou t their cultural backgrounds. The new generation are redefining themselves as the older generations are passing away some seeking identify from their kitchen-gardening, while many others distance themselves from their ethnicity backgrounds.It has been found that out of ein truth 14 Cuban Americans in Southern Florida having entrepreneurial business these people have the highest entrepreneurial rate among all other Hispanic groups. Many Cuban Americans live in little communities of Cuban descent. So they dont feel the compulsion to go out of their community. Thus, a higher rate of business ownership exists. Cuban Americans had a vigorous role in redefining the American semipolitical scene. Most of the Cubans are against Fidel Castros Communist government.So any movements or policies that are against his government are supported highly amongst the Cuban American communities. Also any Cuban-related policies within the legislation of the United States are bigly influenced by Cuban Americans (Roots of, 2008). Most of the Cubans are generally Roman Catholics barely this trend has been greatly modified to syncretism by a huge amount of support since Catholicisms early introduction into Cubans history. Most of the Cuban Americans often have extended families, including parents and children, and older relatives (those who are widowed or dependent on others).The chances of intermarriage with individuals out of their ethnicity and purification are very low, as this is against their family value. friar preacher Americans form a newer national community in America. They are still in the process of creating a unique atmosp present and place for themselves amongst both the American culture and Hispanic groups ( friar preacher American, 2008). The official language of Dominican Americans is Spanish. But English is in addition popularly spoken, and even a French dialect is sometimes heard amongst the Dominican American culture.Most of the Dominicans that come to Amer ica face language barriers, on base with poverty as a major concern. Now a eld many Dominican Americans have moved up from a forward immigrant status to a conventional status amongst a common American society. Within the last past few years, the economic status of Dominican Americans has begun to diversify itself, as racial acceptance has become more(prenominal) acceptable. This diversification is amongst different groups of Africans, Hispanics, and American Indians within the Dominican culture. There are no Dominican member in The U. S. House of Representatives although they do exist within the political scene as council members. Dominican Americans have been elected as officials in some other states as well (Buffington, 2008). Most of the Dominican American are Roman Catholics ( a leading statistical amount of 90%). N nonpareiltheless, a small group of Protestants also exist within their communities and culture. But even smaller than this, a small percentage of African relig ious beliefs too exist within the society. Cuban Americans in the New York area constitute as much as seven percent of the total population (Schaefer, 2006).Dominican Americans have been making serious move to the development of their community, and at the same time are increasing their fellowship base so as to be recognized as an master(prenominal) cultural group. The new generations of Dominican Americans are as Dominicans as they are Americans, speaking both languages, English and Spanish. Dominicans have succeeded and have made fast achievements in all fields of life. (Dr1. com. Dominican Americans). The terms Hispanic or Latino are used to describe people who come from a variety of different countries and cultural settings.These names are given to different ethnic groups when they come to the United States. The four major Hispanic groups Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Dominican Americans have their own separate identity. There are also many similarities that connects th em in linguistic, cultural, political, economic, and familial categories. The Spanish language helps to combine them in concert, though at that place are some differences in dialect. Roman Catholicism is the major piety followed, but each group also practices Protestantism and other Christian denominations. Puerto Ricans are considered legal citizens of the United States of America.The Mexican Americans and others are still working on to get a legal status. Hispanics in the United States have contributed significantly to its societys customs and culture for many centuries. These contributions range from politics, national service, military, business, science, organized sports to even the entertainment industry. Their regard on the society can be understood only if we take a closer look. It is quite an surprising as many historians have not acknowledged Hispanics clash on history, as they are just as intricate within Americas history as any other career or nationality (Contri butions of,2008)ReferencesCuban Americans (2008). Wiki. Retrieved January 14, 2009 from http// Mexican Americans (2008). Wiki. Retrieved January 14, 2009 from http// Puerto Ricans (2008). Wiki. Retrieved January 14, 2009 from http// Americans of Hispanic Heritage weave locate http// (2008) Cuban Americans. Retrieved June 23, 2008, from MSN Encarta Web site Buffington, S. (2008) Dominican Americans. Retrieved June 23, 2008, from Every goal Web site http// CultureEemah Pizza Mrs. Katherine Miracle Introduction to Public speech production 18 February 2013 Outline for Speech The Hispanic Culture influencing The American Culture Specific Purpose I want my audience to have a better knowledge of The Hispanic Culture how it differs from The American Culture and influences it as well. Th esis While Hispanics may not seem important to society, Americans should get word about their culture. Introduction Attention Getting Device * Strangers in a new culture see only what they know. -Un cognize CredibilityI came here when I was seven years old and all I real knew about the United States was that everyone is a gringo/a (white boy/girl). Americans are only white, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Those thoughts took a U-turn when I arrived at JFK airport in New York City, New York. Then I thought to myself as well if they had a stereotype for Hispanics. Eventually, I did encounter stereotypes, consisting of Youre Mexican you eat tacos youre illegal. * Thesis Even though Hispanics may not seem important, Americans should learn about the Hispanic culture. Preview The Hispanic culture influences the American culture in many ways. The largest nonage in the United Stated is made up of Hispanics. And being able to speak Spanish fluently opens many doors and helps a person e xtrapolate the culture better. clay I. Americans learning about the main concerns in the Hispanic Culture A. From a young age, Hispanic kids are taught good manners, respect, and that family is the foundation of everything. Family is the number one priority in the Hispanic culture. 1. consort to Ohioline. osu. edu Traditionally, the Hispanic family is a close group and the most important social unit.The term familia usually goes beyond the nuclear family. The Hispanic family unit includes not only parents and children but also extended family. In most Hispanic families, the father is the head of the family, and the arrive is responsible for the home. Individuals within a family have a moral responsibility to aid other members of the family experiencing financial problems, unemployment, poor health conditions, and other life issues. 2. Hispanics are very dependent on Family and spending time together is a major factor. a.If a Hispanic person travels, or moves to another city/tow n and they have family members that live there as well, it is very common for that person to stay there with that family and/or live with them. b. pass time together, which is very often, is a valuable part of a Hispanic family (birthday, holidays, graduations, weddings, etc). Transition Hispanics want whats best for their family even if it means migrating to another country and becoming the largest minority for that country. Spanish, Hispanics native language, has become a worldwide known language. In my second main point, this go out be explained in unless detail. II. Hispanics are the largest minority in U. S. and being able to speak Spanish fluently opens many doors for people. A. According to the University of Illinois. Spanish is spoken by more than 500 meg people worldwide half of the population in the western hemisphere speaks Spanish 1. The United States has shown over the past 30 years a huge growth in the Hispanic population U. S. population is made up of 11% of Hispa nics and it has become the largest minority in the U. S. a. According to the U. S. Census, the number of Hispanics in the U. S. grew by 57. 9% between 1990 and 2000. b.California, Texas, New York, and Florida are the states that have a high percentage of Hispanics. c. 28 million people in The United States speak Spanish. d. 31 million individuals are identified as Hispanics. Transition As more Hispanics come to The United States, the impact they have in the culture is seen by dint of all types of media. That is why its important to know how The Hispanic Culture influences The American Culture. III. The most important reason why Americans should learn about The Hispanic culture is because The Hispanic culture influences The American culture. 1. The Hispanic population has grown rapidly in the 21st century.This means that Hispanics have influenced The American Culture throughout their social movement in The United States. How? From politics to business, art, music, flash, and FOOD a. In the 2012 chairial Election, President Barack Obama had the votes of 71% of Hispanics, according to pewhispanics. org. b. You ask who is Lupe De Los Santos? Group Manger, The Clorox Company Helped create the shows The Biggest unsuccessful person & Dale Con Ganas c. Two other areas that Hispanics have succeeded are through films and music. Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, Enrique Iglesias, and Selena have all added a unique flavor to the music industry.In the film industry there are more Hispanic actors/actresses for example America Ferrera, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Zoe Saldana and George Lopez. d. Food is vital to a Hispanic family. Its what brings everyone together afterward a long day of school, work, etc Home cooked warm delicious meals that are made out of love and touch the soul. Now in the American culture, people see more Mexican restaurants, more Hispanic spices, etc According to DonQuijote. org In the business world, the businesses whose owners are Latin Americans have been growing tierce times faster than others, generating 2 billion dollars a year.Some of these companies include Latinvox, Ron Bacardi, Goya Foods, Tampico Beverages Inc. or Univision Radio. As you can see, there is a lot to learn about the Hispanic culture. There are a lot of influences that both cultures have on each other. But most importantly, Hispanics are the second largest minority group in the United States and speaking fluent Spanish will open many doors for a lot of people. Learning the language makes it easier to understand the beautiful culture. * We could learn a lot from crayons. Some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, some have weird names, and all are different colors.But, they all fit nicely into the same box. -Unknown manoeuvre Cited Hispanic Americans The Second Generation. N. d. Web. <http//ezproxy. uakron. edu2233/PortalViewVideo. aspx? xtid=7992>. Latin American Influence in the USA. DonQuijote. N. p. , n. d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. Ohio Stat e University Fact Sheet. Understanding the Hispanic Culture, HYG-5237-00. N. p. , n. d. Web. 18 Feb. 2013. <http//ohioline. osu. edu/hyg-fact/5000/5237. html>. Wadham, Tim. A TASTE OF Latino Culture. School Library Journal 3p 58. 9 (2012) 55-56. Print.

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