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Iraq War Essay

The past warfares among m any sovereign countries were caused non only by misunderstanding and miscommunication. Political leaders usually have a coiffe of premature agenda hidden from the public agenda that seek beloved fruit from launching wars and political instability. Only one thing is original these wars, with their premature agenda, do more damage than what is intended.Invasion of Iraq Its Positive locating            Though majority of the polls in the join States produce advert aftermaths and arguments about the negative report of the artless, it is yet empirically verified (). tip surveys may give a view of a certain universe upon an issue and from there generalizations are being made. These generalizations (based from poll surveys) cannot be the bushel justification of Americas reputation because of the mere reason of its trammel scope. Even if the poll surveys result to the belief that Americas reputation is damage d, empirically it is still possible that it competency not really be damaged.            Considering the facts, some known affirmsman and scholars believed that US position and reputation had sure as shooting improved after four years of task of the Iraki land. The relationship between the get together States and Saudi-Arabian Arabia was stained before the US infringement of Iraq. Prince Saud of Saudi Arabia expressed that if an attack on Iraq was sanctioned by the UN certificate Council, it would not be classified as an act of aggression. He noted, So we are ardently urging the unify States to continue to work with the unite Nations and not to create an act of individual aggression, of individually taking pluck of the duties of the Security Council (Saudis warn US over Iraq War, 20031).This stained relationship of the unite States and Saudi Arabia had changed after four years of patronage of Iraq by the US. Saudi Arabia back up the join States of its call for building the lives of the Iraki hoi polloi and the country as a whole under a democratic authorities. A diplomat from Saudi Arabia who came to the White House last August state that Saudi is imparting to cooperate with the United States with its unquestionable effort to build Iraq.            It is not so distant that different countries in the manhood supported the call of the United States in rebuilding Iraq. The Philippines and Lebanon were the first countries to accept the quarrel of helping Iraq to rebuild itself.  Lebanon utter that ibn Talal Hussein Husseins political science had killed thousand innocent people during his course of his rule. Hosni Mubarak, Egypts President said that their country will send military and medical missions that will staggeringly help Iraq in its rebuilding exhibit. He to a fault promised that the government that will be established in Iraq will be give n equal respect like any other sovereign country.Even though many countries had opposed the United States attack of Iraq, they regain the respect of these countries. United States aim to rebuild Iraq had resulted to the support of multi-sectoral support of many countries. Japan, despite of the report from North Korea promised to extend its help through Official Development care to Iraq. Australia on the other hand, promised to allot a significant amount of its strange budget for the Iraki reconstruction. To sum up, all these promised help from many countries in the world is grounded on the notion that the United States effort to rebuild Iraq is genuine and based on the democratic principle of self-determination. The issue of continued occupation of the US multitude in Iraq remains an open issue.Although this issue does not damage the image and credibility of the US government in other countries at recent times, it may in the near future. The rebuilding process of the Iraki go vernment must come into place for the self-determination of its remedy and sovereignty. In accordance with this, President pubic hair said, The ultimate victory in Iraq, which is a government that can sustain itself, govern itself, and defend itself, depends upon the Iraqi citizens  and the Iraqi government doing the hard work to protect their country (Reid, 2006, p.1). provide maintained that the role of the United States is to support the effort of the Iraqi government in the attainment of that objective.            Against War Itself            Against the political machinations and demagoguery of the Bush government, the US-led onset and eventual occupation of Iraq is unjustified.Most people in Western devoid countries see the US-led invasion of Iraq as morally and politically unjustified. Added to that, there is also wide belief that the Bush government used the existence of weapons of muckle destruction in Iraq to launch its war. Bushs justification of declaring war in Iraq was far from justified. The US military failed to find any weapons of good enough deal destruction. Another justification of the US government is that Iraq can not be able to work things out their own way. They believed that the only chance for the Iraqi government to exercise democracy is to let the US led and rebuild them.In the short run, some people identified the war against Iraq as a desperate move of the US government to overthrow Saddam Hussiens regime. In the long run, however, it seems that the war created undesirable consequences. The continued occupation of Iraq by the United States is the one referred to as long run. Retired Lieutenant prevalent William Odom, a professor at the Yale University said, A rapid reversal of our point situation in Iraq would improve U.S. credibility around the world (Odom, 20074). correspond to Odom, US forces in Iraq are already caught in a tar that has damaged Americas reputation (Odom, 20071).He argued that the invasion is unnecessary given the justifications and reasons the US government had presented. He added that American public whimsy is now justifiably against the continued war and occupation of Iraq. The search for a viable and abundant resource like rock oil was the reason the United States, in the face of a slowing economy, entered into war with Iraq. In England alone, citizens opinion on the war was negatively criticized. According to Odom, the red state citizens of England were not in favor of the war against Iraq and the eventual the domination of the country.These reasons, correspond to him, may give way to the possibility of withdrawal of US soldiery from Iraq and apparently will improve US credibility. This will allow the United States to reestablish diplomatic and military mobility. Odom mentioned the current Zogby poll which suggested that most US process would favor an early withdrawal deadlin e (Odom, 20073). He further argued that vista an early date of withdrawal would improve the morale of the US troops in Iraq.            The Washington Post released a recent poll which indicates that in the United States alone, most of the adult respondents find the government effort in Iraq vital and certainly giving the United States a negative reputation (Reid, 20061). Out of all the respondents, seventy percent believe that the war in Iraq was a major factor in the negative image the United States is facing. Moreover, forty-eight percent of the respondents think that the US government failed to improve the lives of Iraqi people. The opposition of the West had a decisive effect on the result of the survey.In defiance of the opinion of the United Nations Security Council, President George Bush forced his decision to attack Iraq. The war against Iraq caused the death of at least 2,803 American soldiers during its military and naval opera tions.  Philosophically, the war against Iraq is unjustified in the world of constitutional liberty. Any war can do no good between the involved countries. The people of an occupied country will not accept any compromise of their sovereignty.  The damage that the war may sanction is immeasurable and cruel to the eyes of an observer. The history of wars repeatedly resulted to deaths of millions of innocent people. Moreover, the invasion of Iraq is evidence that the US, a superpower, can conquer and take charge of any sovereign country that does not share its ideology. In the case of Iraq, US may use the invasion of Iraq as an alibi to acquire the Iraqi oil.Added to that, the Iraq war and the continued occupation of the US troops are not justifiable because of the damaging effects to the Iraqi nation. Some examples of these are 1) the laugh at of the human rights, 2) the depletion of resources for the benefit of the US, and 3) the continued domination of the US in the oil in dustry. The continued occupation of Iraq must be stop for many legitimate reasons. These reasons are the Iraqi resistance, the military itself and the large number of opposition of people in the United States (due to the lack of financial support to many disasters in the United States.Logically, the invasion of Iraq and the continued occupation by the US troops should be withdrawn. From the above evidences of the unjustified war and occupation of Iraq, People might say Let the people of Iraq determine their self and future. In addition, Iraq like any other country has the right to rebuild itself. In this way they will regain their confidence and self- determination. Finally, Iraqs freedom should not be determined by any other country (even US). The real liberty dwells on the heart and minds of the Iraqi people.

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