Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Exploration of Capitalitsm In Norma Rae Essay -- Capitalism Economics

Exploration of Capitalitsm In Norma Rae composition many of us hightail it to view outstandingism as the ultimate goal when talking of make headway capability and thespian freedoms, we are shown a much different mankind in the film Norma Rae in which the economic governing body comes under ingest and harsh scrutiny. While the economic system on display in Norma Rae is a vast improvement from the impoverished feudal economic system shown in Matewan, there are still several improvements that can understandably be made to the O.P. heat content Textile Mills definition of capitalism in this 1978 film based on actual tied(p)ts. The textile workers at the O.P. Henry Mill are used to struggle and adversity as some(prenominal) characterized thier employment in the manufactory and the hardships they had to face in their everyday lives. to a greater extent of the factory employees had been working in the mill for their entire lives, enduring the worker cruelty that the c ompany dealt out with alarming regularity. However, many of the workers in the factory had little or no choice in seeking other employment, as the Textile Mill was the largest employer in the area, especially for unskilled laborers. While the employees were not forced to work in the factory, they stayed so as not to risk unemployment. This fear of unemployment was the mechanism that allowed the Textile Mill to push its workers to the limit. In this particular capitalist system on display in Norma Rae, the workers were the ones who had everything to lose. The workers had their livelihoods fix up in their jobs and would have to face the consequences if the company suffered economic difficulty, relocated, or had to downsize and make worker cutbacks. In this way, the workers bargaining power with the company was weakened... ...a voter turnout of 427 to 373. The negative capitailism that existed in the story of Norma Rae was modified to a much more worker-friendly type of c apitalism in which worker concerns could be voiced and even answered without the fear of job termination while the company was still satisfy because it ws turning a profit. In this way, unions help to neutralize the potential for capital job markets to become dominated by an elite few and ingore the rights of laborers. sum helps secure the worker liberty of world able to compete for a position in a labor market rather than being forced to work in a poor working surround outof simple necessity. Unions provide workers with a valuable bargaining tool so that their rights will be protected in an ever changing and expanding profit-driven system, hopefully bringing the realization of capitalism closer to its intended state.

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