Thursday, February 7, 2019

Poem analysis. Essay -- English Literature

Poem analysis.POEMThe devastationly child is very gay,He walks in the sunshine just now no shadow f in all(a)s his way.He has come to warn us that one must(prenominal) go who would instead stayOh deathly childWith a hear of woeAnd a grinning on your face,Who is it that must go?He walks down the avenue, the trees wipe out leaves that be silver when they are turned upon the breezeHe is to a greater extent pale than the silver leaves more pale that theseHe walks delicately,He has a delicate tread.Why look, he leaves no mark at allWhere the dust is broadcastOver the caf tables the talk is going to and froAn the people smile and they frown, but they do non knowThat the deathly child walks. Ah who is it that must go?I think that this poem is about the angel of death who is here to takethe soulfulness of a person. The first text gives us a brief outline of thepoem. From the second to the fourth text we abide by a description of thedeathly child and the last text gives the intuiti on of the public asfrom the deathly childs own perspective. The deathly child decideswhose soul to take as he passes the people.The language of the text has an interesting regular recurrence effect which hassome underlying regularity mixed with variation. In the first, oculusand last text, the last word in each stanza all rhyme, besides thelast word in the second and fourth stanza rhymes.which appears to look handle this -1st text all rhymes2nd text 2nd and fourth stanza rhymes3rd text all rhymes fourth text 2nd and 4th stanza rhymes5th text all rhymesI have alike discover that when looking at the poem, these rhythmicwords have only one-word syllables, when enunciate they are stressed.The first, third and fifth texts have... ...e leaves no mark at allwhere the dust is spread. I think that the writer writes in this grumpy way, because the writer is describing the deathly child assomething different from the humans. If someone does non have ashadow, it means that they do not have a soul. When it says he leavesnot mark at all where the dust is spread is shows that the deathlychild cannot be seen.Graphology all lines begin with a roof letter because to giverelations between speech and writing. And there are no two sentenceswithin the same line, except the last stanza, which not only has acapital at the beginning of the line but also in the next sentence. Ihave also sight that all the stanzas in the middle text begin withthe letter h and the first letters in the first and second texts arealso represented in the third and fifth text but in different order.

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