Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Reflection On Coaching and Mentoring Essay -- My Ethical and Moral Vie

My ethical and moral views, beliefs, attitudes and values deport been fashioned by an up bringing that centred on Christian beliefs. Even though devotion was not forced upon me as a child, my mother raised us all with a strong sense of right and wrong. Along with the check of my family, the Navy has had a big influence on the person I am. The Navy has a strong ethos of what is expected of the personnel that serve this is do up of the pursuance Leadership, High Professional Standards, and Courage in Adversity, Determination, Loyalty, unwashed Respect, Discipline, A Sense of Humour, Teamwork, and A Can Do Attitude. Most late of all though, the biggest thing that has influenced me as a person and a rear has been my experiences of working with childly people. This includes acting as a Youth advisor for Portsmouth City Council, a Mentor for Barnardos and a Youth Advisor for due east Sussex County Council. I am currently working in two standby schools as part of my resettlement from the Navy. This has given me the experience of working with young people living in virtual poverty, in constant difficulty with the Police and education services and some young people with change levels of disabilities. This work has given me a good ability to stay impartial, to be non judgemental and has given me a capacity to treat people a administer more emphatically than I was ever equal to(p) to. This is because I have been exposed to a greater range of problems and personalities than I have been utilize to in the Navy. These are qualities that I will wantfully be able to transfer into my coaching practice.During my coaching sessions with Lorraine, it was clear that my beliefs concerning Life / Work balance were very different to hers even though this was the... ...y own personal development, I plan to attend further coaching training courses, one of these courses is, conjuring coaching. This is a course run by the Coaching Academy and it teaches the following in novation of the GROW model Motivation, Assertiveness, Goal achievement, Initiative and Confident communication. This variation of coaching is focused more towards young people, and would therefore fit with my aspirations for the future. I would also be interested in attending a grassroots level course in NLP, as I believe this event method will also benefit my coaching with young people.I look forward to reading the latest research regarding learning styles and hope in the future to change my language used during sessions to appeal to the point style of my coach. Until I am in a position to do this effectively I will try and use a large spectrum of styles.

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