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The Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War Essay -- Vietnam War Essays

The Tet despicable The Tet Offensive was a major combat by the northwestern Vietnamese and Viet Congagainst South Vietnam and the U.S. forces situated there. It was not scarce a psychologicaladvance for the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong, but to a fault gave the United States anotion that the warfare wasnt going to be an easy win, and the chances of winning the warwere, in fact, very slim.The war initially was an attempt to limit the get around of communism throughoutAsia. Similar to Korea, Vietnam was in a civil war divided by political ideologies. (2) The half mask Effect is the idea that when one nation falls to communism, new(prenominal) nations someit in time will fall (2). Under the fear of this chance in Vietnam, the United Statesjoined forces with the South Vietnamese to fight the spread of communism (5). Thoughmost of South Vietnam was indeed against the spread of communism, there were somewho sympathized with the North, known as the Northern Liberation Front, o r Viet Cong(VC). The VC hid amongst the other South Vietnamese civilians, and used guerilla tacticsto fight for communism. (5)The Tet Offensive was an all out attack by the North Vietnamese regular army (NVA)and the VC during the Tet cease-fire (6). The cease-fire was a peaceful and hospitableagreement make between the U.S. and the NVA to stop all assaults during Tet, the annualVietnamese festival for celebrating the lunar New Year. On the prototypal day of the festival,January 31, 1968, NVA and VC launched a series of attacks on major cities and militarybases located in South Vietnam. (6)Strategically, the assault was a failure (5). The communist attackers had failed topermanently capture any of their targets, and overall, had lost to a greater extent men than thedemocratic defenders (6). However, the deviousness and planning involved in theoffense was so great that the overall psychological effect had gained an advantage forNorth Vietnam and the VC (5).The Vietnam War was the mos t reported conflict in history (3). TV cameramenfrom all over the nation flew to Vietnam to document the sights and stories, so thatviewers at home would have a feel for the war they were paying for. sometimes themedias output had a negative effect on the war effort, showing graphic senseless violence.(3) They also proved wrong the claims determined by General Westermoreland of ... ...d Historical Society, Inc. 1998This book is written by the master officer of Bravo Company. It goesthrough the happenings of a platoon through the Vietnam War, and describes the eventson the first night of Tet, and carries the topic for the two weeks that followed.4. Pimlott, John. Vietnam the Decisive Battles. New York, New York. Macmillan print Company. 1990This book goes through the planning, and execution of the Tet Offensive, anddescribes in detail the effects of the attack, and how it was decisive.5. Knopf, Alfred. Walter Cronkite a Reporters Life. New York, New York. Randomhouse, Inc. 1996.Si nce Cronkite was one of the most important political commentators during thesixties, his opinion was valued highly. This book gives an overview of how his opiniontoward the war changed afterward the Tet Offensive, and how that changed the feelings of theAmerican public.6. Martin, Earl. Personal Interview. 21, March 2001Martin was a civilian relief offer up during the war. He gave me an account ofthe change in moral of the volunteers and the civilians under pinch after the TetOffensive had taken place.

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