Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hair-hashish thesis and analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hair-hashish thesis and analysis - Assignment Example The lyrics demonstrate the perception held by people on drug use and scene as well as the counter dissociative culture in the sixties. In the song, Hair Cast talks about drug use among the generation and addresses the revolution. The drug problem has been intensively addressed as a proliferation in the community of all mood altering, illicit and physically dangerous drugs. The drugs also lead to problems such as crime, threat of crime, disease, violence, loss of productivity, growing number of users in welfare of the public, over-crowding of the penal institutions, congestion of court system, diversion of tax from productive areas, erosion of our civil rights, and corruption of law enforcement agencies. Hair Cast in â€Å"Hashish† song, addresses the theme of drug scene through the aspects involved such as remorseful mood and depressed tone featured in the lyrics. In summary, this research paper will be carried out through listening to the song and researching two other sources which will be cited properly in the paper. The paper will consider addressing the themes of the song in detail and illustrate how the aspects of the song such as tone and lyrics represent the mentioned

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