Thursday, August 8, 2019

Environmental Scanning Assignment 2 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Environmental Scanning 2 - Assignment Example ltiple times on CNN which covered the topic of whale cruelty and the poor habitats that the whales are subjected to that led to the decrease in daily share price (New York Times 2014). The investors in the progress of the company withdrew shares that caused the stock decline of 4.8% which also led to a disruption of its place in the global market (Gara 2014). The negative image of the company that surfaced in the media did hurt the reputation that it cherished before. Sea World known for its diverse animal life can face major stakeholder setbacks if the issue is not properly addressed on an open media forum. What can be done is to highlight the issue in a manner that gives out a glimmer of hope and improvement for the animals. The issue of providing proper habitats is vital and so addressing the audience as to the agenda to upgrade the whole park is one way to counter the negative image. Secondly, what can be done is that besides area expansion, a formal press release should be called and statements should be issued as to how â€Å"Black fish† does not depict any of the treatments that the animals are given at Sea World and that the park provides well established and maintained habitats to the animals residing there. Sticking to an agenda of â€Å"no animal cruelty† policy and ensuring that in the coming days positive image s are depicted can get the company’s reputation back on the pedestal it was before. The Associated Press. (2014, August 15). After Film, SeaWorld to Make Improvements. The New York Times. Retrieved

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