Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Palestine - isreal debate Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Palestine - isreal debate - Research Paper Example It is not useful to try to blame the whole situation on Israel. Both sides have had their faults. Once that is recognized we can move on together. The blockade of Gaza is far from a perfect situation. It would be hard to get Hamas out of power in Gaza, so Israel needs to look at other ways to move things forward. However, there are clear and important reasons for the blockade on Gaza to be maintained. The aim of the blockade is not to block humanitarian aid from reaching the people of Gaza. It is clear that the people of Gaza are indeed suffering. However, Hamas is effectively using the people as a human shield. Hamas does not have to be removed, although this is what Israel would like best of all. What Hamas needs to do is agree not to smuggle weapons into Gaza inside of the humanitarian aid shipments. This is the reason that Israel blocks the shipments. Hamas has no scruples about delivering weapons in ambulances. They will pretend that the shipments are for the people when in fact they are for Hamas foot soldiers. Once Hamas promises to stop doing this, then Israel will consider lifting the blockade. This would be a fair resolution of this situation that all sides could accept. We have seen in the past year different measures taken to try to remove the blockade. These measures have provoked violence on the part of Israel. That violence may not in the end be completely justified, but it is a natrual consequence of the kind of measures taken to break the blockade. The blockade will not be forcibly broken by civilians ships sailing from Greece and Turkey. Other countries and other armies will not lift the blockade. The only way that the blockade will be lifted is through negotiations between the State of Israel and Hamas. The two parties need to come to an agreement. Israel would be happy to open the blockade in exchange for promises on behalf of Hamas to stop smuggling weapons and to renounce terrorism. This is a vital issue in this

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