Thursday, September 12, 2019

Why so many people eat fast food Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Why so many people eat fast food - Essay Example This change in lifestyle has interfered with their time for finding or preparing healthy food. The remaining option is reaching out for the fast food, which will save time. Likewise, women who were entitled to prepare food for their families are also competing in the job markets. They happen to secure popular titles in the job market thereby limiting their time for preparing food for their families. This change in lifestyle happens to be a significant reason as to why most people prefer fast food in most nations (Smith 7). Ideally, the current generation has proved to access extra finances compared to the past generation. The availability of money probes individuals to stop at the fast food joints and take anything ready. This also has a significant impact on the rising statistics on fast food consumption. As people access more money, they tend to eat outside their homes more often. Eating outside means taking food from a fast food restaurant thus increasing the statistics as to why individuals take fast food (Taylor, Funk and Craighill). Finally yet importantly, the statistics for fast food consumption is on the rise because of the modern life. Most food industries have advanced in their marketing strategies, and this probe people to change their eating habits. This concern with the advertising agencies, which make adverts on the fast food on media. Families will always want to taste new things due to change in their desire. Likewise, the moral advice on the food choice continues to slow down as the hosts have limited time with their family, thus exposing them to poor choices of food. This modern lifestyle altogether changed the eating habits of most people in the family most of them relying on fast food as the main alternative (Taylor, Funk and Craighill). Change of diet can have a serious impact to the lives of consumers in many perspectives.

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